One ‘La ilaaha illAllah’ …

April 24, 2013




Through Zikrullah, the Zaakir (one taking the name of Allah)

reaches the Mazkoor (his Beloved Allah Subhaanahu Wa Ta`aala) 


Oh my Allah! My shoulders have become so heavy because there are

‘mountains of sins’ that I am carrying on them …

But, Oh my Allah with the blessings and power of your Zikr …

with just ‘one’ La ilaaha illAllah …

 all those weighty mountains of sins will just vanish and disappear

… they will be washed away by the Noor of your Zikr and Mercy.


When a person recites La ilaaha illAllah …

then there is no barrier between him and

the Arsh of Allah Subhaanahu Wa Ta`ala.

This La ilaaha illAllah reaches the Arsh of Allah immediately …

and then Noor descends from there and penetrates into the heart.

When that Noor comes gushing into our souls,

all the filth that has clogged and accumulated in our souls

will be washed away …


This Kalimah ‘La ilaaha illAllah’ that we are carrying in our our hearts,

is a great treasure given to us by Allah Subhaanahu wa Ta`aala.




Taken from Zikr Majlis at Musjid-e-Nur – Asherville – Durban – South Africa

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